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TECHLAB 2000 has originated from Polish scientific organizations. Our goal is creating of innovative ideas in the area of electronics. The Company undertakes difficult tasks. Interdisciplinary and creative approach yields modern, often unique solutions. This is possible thanks to scientific and engineering background of the employees and flexible structure of the Company.


TechLab 2000 started its activity in 1993 as a spin-off of the Institute of Electron Technology in Warsaw (IET). Three years later IET sold its shares to the key workers. Since then TechLab 2000 has been fully privately-owned. In 1998 COMP S. A. corporation became a shareholder.


There are over 30 persons employed in the company. Most of them have background in electronics, 1 person with Ph.D. and 20 with M. Sc. among them. One person is finishing his Ph.D. thesis. Another one is in the course of her Ph.D. Beside regular workers, the company hires usually contract designers, mostly Warsaw Technical University last year students and also Ph.D. students. Last but not least the key workers are motivated by the fact of being the company co-owners.

TechLab 2000's branches of activity are

  • creation and implementation of new product ideas,
  • manufacturing of up-to-date products for mass and special markets,
  • design of dedicated devices, systems and software.
      In these three branches we mainly focus on
  • information security,
  • telecommunications and
  • industrial measurement and control.

We also carry out short-scale and medium-scale devices production based on our own designs.

    Security, certificates, accreditations

TechLab 2000 understands that security starts from the very beginning. Thus Company pays strong attentions to self organisation of design, manufacturing and delivery processes. TechLab 2000 developed secure environment which encompasses

  • First grade, Facility Security Clearance no SBPK005800T up to Secret level,
  • 7 Personnel Security Clearances up to Secret level,
  • 14 Personnel Security Clearances up to Confidential level,
  • numerous Personnel Security Clearances up to Restricted level.

Moreover we acquired

  • a license issued by the Polish government to trade double purpose products and technologies.

Company's technical solutions dedicated to information security are subjected to independent audit which purpose it to verify quality and completeness of products security mechanisms. More than 35 products based on TechLab 2000’s designs have received ITSEC up to E3 or Common Criteria up to EAL4 certificates, which proves quality and correctness of the solutions. TechLab 2000's solutions are accepted in Poland to process classified information including Secret level.


Starting it's activity in the domain of cryptographic information security in 1995 Company developed several pioneer solution. Among other we introduced

  • As the first in the world in 1997 – hardware solutions for HDD encryption.
  • As one of the first in the world – miniature hardware random bit-string generators.
  • As one of the first in the world – Hardware Security Module for digital signature.